Our trustees have been keeping the situation under close review with regards to our summer course. We had all been hoping that it would be able to go ahead as planned. However, the trustees have taken the difficult decision to cancel. This is a decision that has not been taken lightly as they are very aware of the impact that this has for all staff and choir members.

Having considered the situation in detail, the trustees feel that it would not be possible for us to adequately maintain social distancing, particularly in a residential setting, and therefore we would be putting both our children and staff at risk. In addition, we would need to look at running the courses with fewer children, and the trustees feel it would not be possible or fair to choose who could attend. The trustees have taken this decision as early as possible to enable both staff and parents/carers to plan their summer as far as they are able to, and to remove any uncertainty.

We are all, not least me in my first year, obviously incredibly disappointed that the activities of the choir have been so severely disrupted this year. I am very sad to not have been able to meet our staff and young people. We are really looking forward to being able to resume activities in 2021.

Nicole O’Donnell



Photo: Karina Lyburn