The trustees are delighted to announce that Will Todd has agreed to become a Patron of the choir. Will Todd is one of the UK’s leading contemporary composers, and is renowned for his exciting and beautiful music across a wide range of genres. The NCCGB Board of trustees and the staff feel that Will brings great value to the organization and are looking forward to working with him to further the aims of the choir.

Will has worked with our Musical Director Dan Ludford-Thomas in the past and during 2021 lead a remote workshop with the choir as part of our summer course. He will be attending the 2022 Summer course to continue working with the choirs. A future project collaborating with Dominique Le Gendre is also in the pipeline. Kate McCallum, Chair of the Board of Trustees, said: ‘There are exciting times ahead and we welcome Will sharing with us his vast musical knowledge and experience.’

Image credit: Andy Holdsworth